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Friday, November 29, 2013

And the 2014 team is....

It has truly been a wild ride in the wild card spot. We have officially determined the winner of the last slot on the 2014 ETC team.

Team America would like to formally congratulate Alan Bajramovic as the Wild Card winner of the 2014 ETC team. Alan narrowly edged out Nick Rose with a stellar performance at the Da Boyz GT. Alan had to over come one former and two current ETC team members (Mike Mutscheller, Brad Chester and Nick Nanavati) along with the Assistant Coach (Brandon Vallee) to achieve this feat. Congratulations once again Alan on earning that spot!

Therefore, we are proud to introduce our 2014 USA ETC Team:

Greg Sparks (Captain)
Brad Chester (Returning Veteran)
Tony Kopach (Returning Veteran)
Andrew Gonyo (Returning Veteran)
Nick Nanavati (Adepticon 2013 Winner)
Ben Mohlie (Wargamescon 2013 Winner)
Justin Cook (NOVA Open 2013 Winner)
Alan Bajramovic (2013 Wildcard Winner)
Brandon Vallee (Assistant Coach)

If you are interested in meeting the members of Team America, we will be at AdeptiCon 2014 en mass this year. Various members of Team America will be teaching the AdeptiCon Tactics courses on Wednesday night before the event. Interested in attending these seminars, you can register at http://www.adepticon.org/. Otherwise be sure to stop by afterwards and introduce yourself.

Finally, qualification criteria for the 2015 team will released within the next month along with hopefully who will be our non playing coach. So start preparing for 2015 because as ever, it will be intense!

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  1. Congratz to all. Good looking team guys. We'll be rooting and cheering from our armchairs.