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Friday, September 13, 2013

THE BET - Space Marines

Hello Everyone,

We have a BET, which requires your votes via the Team America 40K forums. We placed a set of five army lists on the forums under the Everything Else subject heading. The main thread is labeled THE BET. Forum participants are asked to rank the army lists in order of best to worst using the respective Army Titles. Submit your votes via the forums under Vote Submissions. An example vote submission will be provided.

The criteria to be met will include:

1. Using the new SM codex as a primary detachment.
2. Points 1850
3. Design considerations for ETC as a primary defender.
4. Assume all supplements are available for this contest.
5. Fortifications are limited to the Aegis Defence Line, Bastion, and Sky Shield Landing Platform.

Obviously, there are a lot of things that may change between now and the ETC with the codex release schedule. This is based on the best possible option for available at this time.

The winner of THE BET will have the losers buy the winner a dinner at the first team practice. Participants in THE BET will be Alan Bajramovic, Andrew Gonyo, Ben Mohlie, Brad Chester and Greg Sparks. The order of the lists will be randomized and only designated by the army title. Results will be posted on the Team America forums, our blog and Facebook page by Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

Army lists are posted. Please see the VOTE HERE thread for casting your votes. You can review the army lists and cast your votes at the following link.


The voting thread will be closed on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST.

For those who wish to register, please send your registration username, full name and contact phone number at teamamerica40k@gmail.com. The phone number is to assist in validating you are a US citizen and not an evil spy...  

Have fun and if you feel like it, rip 'em to shreds.


Greg Sparks
Captain of Team America 40K


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