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Monday, September 9, 2013

40k's Top Dog and Team America 2014

There has always been a codex on the scene that is considered the top dog. Blood Angels in 3rd, Eldar, Necrons, and Chaos in 4th, Grey Knights in 5th, and the birth of Tau Eldar in 6th. 

Anyone can look at the data from the Torrent of Fire gathered at the Nova Tournament and its clear there is a favorite army out on the competitive scene.

I know many people where thinking that the Space Marine book might have brought some changes to the meta and it may help balance the tables somewhat but does it? 

After a few days of reading the SM codex I feel like it is going to be a good ally possibility with Tau or maybe the new IG army as well but not sure if it will impact the waves of people moving to Eldar or Tau. 

How long will the reign of the Tau Codex last and will it impact the team for 2014? 

My opinion is it will have no impact if you take a look at the players and known armies that they have played in tournaments and been very successful with in the recent past.

Greg - Returning Captain (Eldar) (Dark Eldar)
Brad Chester - Returning Player ( Space Wolfs) (Chaos) (Grey Knights)
Andrew Gonyo - Returning Player (Tau) (Grey Knights)
Tony Kopach- Returning Player (Imperial Guard) (Space Wolfs)
Nick Brown - Adepticon Winner (Necrons) (Daemons) (Tyranids) 
Ben Mohlie - Wargames Con Winner (Necrons/Orks) (Space Marines)
Justin Cook - Nova GT Winner ( Tau) (Tyranids)

Last Spot open if is the Wild Card - Its a close race for this spot to be on one of the best US teams ever. 

- Feast Of Blades
- Da Boys GT 

These are the only two Qualifiers left and if you want on the team be there and kick in some face. 


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